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Rubber boots.

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In spring and summer, children love to play outside. Wet feet often cause numerous diseases – from tonsillitis to bronchitis. If it is not possible to control the child during walks, it is recommended to purchase a pair of children’s rubber boots. Many parents will say that choosing such shoes is no more difficult than any other. They are wrong! Rubber boots are not recommended for children under three years of age. If you want to protect the health of the baby, then membrane shoes are recommended for younger children. It also will not get wet, but the main feature is the presence of an orthopedic insole with arch support. The foot of a child under three years old must have support for proper formation. It is recommended to wear rubber boots no more than two hours a day. In other words, rubber boots for children should be dressed only in the most extreme cases, that is, when it is very wet on the street. The greenhouse effect that creates rubber shoes negatively affects the microclimate around the children’s foot. If the child has any diseases of the skin of the foot, rubber shoes are strictly prohibited! When choosing, pay attention to the size of rubber boots. It is recommended to purchase boots for size larger. One and a half centimeters of the reserve will allow you to wear boots on thick woolen socks. This rule is true for the length of the foot, but is completely inappropriate to the fullness of children’s shoes. Boots should not hang out. Pay attention to the flexibility and weight of the sole also. The more flexible and easier it will be, the less your child’s legs will be tired. After buying boots, a test for waterproof should be carried out. Fill a basin with water, and stuff both boots with toilet paper or napkins. Lower your boots into a basin with water for fifteen minutes. The impromptu filler of the shoes remained dry? You have chosen a great pair of boots. Otherwise, try to exchange boots for others.

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