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Pipe connection methods

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In order for the pipelines in the house to work effectively, it is necessary to reliably and hermetically connect them to each other and to other elements of this system. Modern production actively produces various high-strength fasteners. They can be found in the public domain, for example, buy brass nuts in bulk. Pipe connection is the most important part. Therefore, there are many types of connections.

Conditionally, all types can be divided into two large groups: detachable and inexhaustible compounds. The first is the fitting, threaded and other compounds. The second includes compounds such as gluing, soldering, welding, etc.

Threaded joints

Pipe threads are applied using a special machine. Subject to manufacturing technology, such a mount can be considered a sealed and durable.

Structures using a threaded connection are most often used to finish internal water and heat supply.


– The mount can be assembled and disassembled several times;

– The use of energy -consuming equipment is not required.

Welded joints

The most popular method of unlimited pipe connection is welding. Since with its help you can reproduce the connection of not only metal pipes, but also made of glass or plastic.

There are many welding technologies. The most convenient, cheap and popular welding is the one that eats from alternating current.

Connection of pipelines without welding

It is possible to connect pipelines using other technologies. In this case, the choice of assembly method will be carried out depending on the type of pipes used for installation, as well as on their elasticity. Therefore, there are two general groups according to the degree of elasticity: rigid and flexible.

Flexible products include those made from polymeric materials. For example, polyethylene. But the rigid ones include metal pipes, for example, made of steel.

Steel pipes are mounted using couplings. They are used when installing pipelines at joints, as well as when connecting two different materials. This connection provides reliable fastening and absolute tightness.

For the installation of a flexible type of pipeline, fittings are most often used. As a rule, they are used for pipes with a small or medium diameter. But the installation of fittings for pipes with a wide diameter is impractical and economically unprofitable.

Special compounds

During repair work, situations arise when special types of joints are used in the fastening of pipelines. This happens due to the use of unpressed materials in the installation of pipes. For example, components of pipes made of plastic can be interconnected using adhesive compounds.

And bell -shaped joints can be used in assembling pipes from cast iron. These compounds, as a rule, are compacted using special fillers.

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