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Ispmanager: concept and capabilities of the panel for managing Internet resources

by buma888

Managing your own website is more difficult than it seems. A person without administration experience quickly discovers that there are not enough clients, resources are wasted, and the return does not correspond to the effort made. There are different ways to fix this: modern software is diverse and approaches the problem from different angles. A good solution is to use a hosting control panel.


Ispmanager is a website and server management panel. Intended for developers, website owners and administrators, as well as for providers and server owners providing virtual hosting. Significantly simplifies work and allows you to monitor each process in real time.

The equipment is not cloud-based, but requires a license, the type of which determines the number of connected domains and subdomains. There is a free trial period of 14 days. There is also an online demo that does not require installation, but has somewhat reduced functionality. The web panel is installed in the root files of the server (it is recommended to provide it with more space) and starts working when the browser starts. Supports all major browsers, including Yandex, so it is suitable for the vast majority of users.

The developer is a Russian company based in Irkutsk.


Ispmanager is a universal solution for a wide range of tasks. He can:

  • simplify website and server management;
  • save history of changes;
  • automatically save backups once a week;
  • increase security with built-in security tools;
  • monitor the load on the RAM, processor, and hard drive.

The software significantly facilitates the administrator’s work, reduces some of the tasks from technical support, allowing it to be relieved a little. Supports useful integrations. Ispmanager provides a number of paid modules and SSL certificates that expand the capabilities even further. You can design your own modules using the API. In general, a good programmer is able to greatly modify Ispmanager, because the web panel is written in the popular programming language C++.

The interface is intuitive. Many companies claim that their program is easy to understand, but Ispmanager backs up its words with action: no training is required. And if difficulties suddenly arise, you can always contact the documentation section. It is written in extremely simple language, without a ton of terminology, and is quite understandable to the most inexperienced user.

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