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Choosing a barbecue for a summer residence and home

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Choosing a barbecue for a summer residence and home

Today, an increasing number of city residents seek to travel outside the city, resting from the hustle and bustle, enjoying clean air and peace. It is especially difficult to be in urban conditions in the summer, so the cottage becomes a real outlet. To make the rest as comfortable and full, each owner of a country house seeks to equip it at his discretion, but some points are mandatory for all. We are talking about installing a barbecue in the country, without which it is impossible to prepare a barbecue saturated with alluring aromas.

How to choose the right barbecue option for a summer residence

Today, the range of country barbecues is extremely wide. Barbecue for a summer residence, which can be bought both in a specialized store and in a large shopping center, differ in shape and material of manufacture. The main role in the choice is played by the method of using the future barbecue.

If you are an infrequent guest at the dacha and barbecue is an optional dish on vacation, an easily disassembled portable barbecue, for the manufacture of which sheet-type metal is used, will be quite enough. A completely different barbecue option for a summer residence is needed when dishes cooked on a fire and charcoal are the main delicacy of the weekend. For frequent use, a capital stationary brazier is optimal.

Barbecues, which various online stores offer to buy, are made mainly of cast iron, metal, sheet steel. There are also lightweight aluminum foil constructions. For summer cottages, it is better to choose metal or cast-iron options, which are characterized by an optimal price-quality ratio.

What to consider when installing a brazier

When planning to buy a barbecue for a summer residence inexpensively, you should take care of security measures in advance. To avoid fire, barbecues should be installed away from flammable plastic and wooden structures. In small areas with dense buildings, it is necessary to use special enclosing structures (for example, gazebos) that will provide protection from the spread of fire through the wind.

When installing a brazier, you need to carefully consider the convenience of its use. When planning the arrangement of the barbecue area, it is advisable to provide a special place near the barbecue, where such barbecue equipment as a fan board, knives, charcoal, skewers and other equipment will be stored. All these items should not interfere with movement around the barbecue. In addition, an attractive appearance of the site must be maintained.

And, of course, we must not forget about the comfort of the neighbors, because cooking barbecue can cause negative feelings if, as a result, their summer cottage space is shrouded in thick smoke or filled with rich smells. In order to avoid unpleasant conflict situations, it is better to install the brazier away from the borders of neighboring plots.

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