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tongue kissing technique

by chinanewsapp

We can say that the tongue kissing technique is our adapted version of the French kiss. This is the most popular kiss in the whole world, which makes it possible not only to experience the emotional, but what is there to hide, and physical arousal too, but also to get to know your partner better. A kiss with the tongue requires a certain trust, and if the partner is happy to strive for it, then he is psychologically ready for more. The passionate beginning of any romantic relationship is a deep and sensual kiss.

It is believed that the French kiss technique is mastered one of the first. Among the main mistakes made during a kiss, one can note excessive haste, pressing force and passion. A kiss with the tongue should begin with a light touch of the lips, then, with mutual desire, the lips open slightly and the initiator of the French kiss penetrates the tip of the tongue into the mouth of his partner. The actions of the tongue can be different, it can touch the inner surface of the lips, the tongue, but they should all be soft, not causing feelings of rejection. A person has a number of unconditioned reflexes, including a reaction to the deep penetration of a foreign object into the mouth. Therefore, you should not try to reach the tonsils with your tongue, so as not to cause discomfort instead of sexual arousal.

The pinnacle of skill can be considered such a kiss, in which the tongues touch each other with the tips without penetrating into the partner’s mouth. This suction kissing technique gives both incredible pleasure, as the sensitivity threshold increases significantly. A light kiss begins with a touch of lips, tongues and turns into a passionate and deep one, when the tongues intertwine in a frantic dance, and the blood beats in the head. There are no bad kisses, there are few feelings, and if emotions are present, then the main thing is regular training to the delight of both.

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