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Dismantling the door block

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To install new doors, you must first dismantle the door blocks from the old doors to free the opening without breaking it. Such work can be done independently, if there is a tool and elementary concepts, how to do it. But it is better to allow professionals to do this in order not to experience the fruits of their possible mistakes in the future.

First of all, you need to prepare the workplace, remove the old doors so that one door frame would remain. To continue the dismantling procedure, you need to find out what the doorway is held on.

When dismantling the door frame, you need to be very assembled as possible to prevent the slopes of the slopes. Since the main method of attaching the unit is to install it on the cincy cords and fill the seams with foam to remove the box without breaking up, you need to knock out the wedges and the cubs located inside the box with cutting the mounting foam around the perimeter.

Difficulty may occur if the box was planted on anchor bolts. In this case, you need to cut the bolts with a diamond disk or a grinder with a metal disk.

It is impossible to break and knock out the doorway in any case. These will lead to the destruction of the doorway and further impossibility of mounting or installing a new door. You need to carefully and carefully remove everything that can hold the door block at this place.

With properly organized actions, work does not take a huge amount of effort and time. But allows you to get an excellent result in dismantling the door block and unhindered mount a new door block.

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