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Rest at Christmas 2016 in the suburbs inexpensively

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New Year and Christmas – a time when faith in fairy tales, magic, hope for the future is felt by absolutely all people on our planet. Christmas holidays should be unforgettable, but many of us do not have the opportunity to spend them sitting on the shores of the ocean or in a luxury hotel. But far from home you can not leave at all if you find a vacation house or boarding house in the suburbs, since there are many budget options that allow you to have fun and useful to spend winter Christmas leave.

Where to begin?

First you need to decide what type of relaxation you prefer – active, cognitive, calm and measured. It is worth noting that today in the suburbs there are a lot of tourist bases and boarding houses offering economy vacation rooms with rooms, equipped no worse than in premium recreation homes. They have modern furniture, TV, refrigerator, the ability to connect to free Internet access. It is very important to choose a tourist base located in the area with good ecology. Today, boarding houses located in the areas of the Novorizh and Leningrad highway are famous for such conditions.

Bread and spectacles

Naturally, the issue of nutrition is quite important. If you prefer to cook yourself, when choosing a place to conduct Christmas holidays, you need to clarify if there is a plate in the room. In the event that a vacationer breakfast sooner or later dinner, he is best chosen to choose a recreation center, on the territory of which round -the -clock cafes operate. Almost all budget -Moscow boarding houses provide their visitors with three meals a day.

We must not forget about entertainment, because on Christmas no one is allowed to sit alone in four walls. As a rule, from entertainment at the economy class tourist bases there are billiards, table tennis, bathhouse. In addition, visitors are also offered skiing, winter fishing and skating skating.

Tips for vacationers

Those who have not yet decided where to go to the suburbs for Christmas, you can give several useful tips:

food prices are not included in the cost of the tour, so it is better to clarify this issue with managers in advance;

Reservations must be made in advance;

when going to a rest home with a child, you should clarify whether there is a playground on its territory and conditions for the children to live;

an important point is to find out what services are included in the cost of the tour;

for young people, the option of a trip to a camp site is optimal, where there are night discos, and cafes with bars work around the clock.

Christmas can be spent not only fun, but also economically – for this you just need to spend a little time at the computer and choose the right budget option for yourself.

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