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How to choose a quality and reliable bag

by chinanewsapp

If you tell a man that people came up with about twenty main types of female bags, he will either not believe, or say that the world has gone crazy. There is only a couple of varieties for him – small and large. Women, in this sense, are much more difficult to live, but, not an example of a strong floor, is much more interesting. However, the problem of choice sooner or later overtakes any ..

At first it would be nice to decide why the bag is needed. These things cute to the female can be divided into four groups depending on the purpose.

Firstly, elegant or evening, with whom it is customary to go to have fun. Such handbags are not intended for weighting weights. You can put lipstick in them, mobile phone. As a rule, this type includes a rectangular shape of clutch, decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins and gold embroidery. The “envelope” and a bag-bag can be elegant. The latter has a stiletop strap, which is like a bracelet on the owner’s hand. Decorated with original fittings and with a chain instead of an evening strap can also become “Baguette Bag”.

In the second large group, designers determine business and strict bags in which you can wear documents and papers. It is convenient with them to go to the service of the office or study at the university. As a rule, these are portfolios, the average volume of a bag with a shoulder belt and “tablets”. This also includes “Hobo Bag” – in the form of a crescent, on a zipper, with a short belt, which is worn on the shoulder, on the elbow and the classic “Satchel” with a hard dense bottom and two short handles.

Household bags that are united by the third group are also different in shape and size. Small backpacks, “Torks”, “Tote Bag” and just bags of a soft shape and large size appear here, in which, if desired, you can put, in addition to the cosmetic bag and the phone, also a set of products for a not very large family. The working modern woman, as a rule, prefers this hand in everyday life.

And finally, the fourth category is road and sports bags. These are the most spacious assistants with whom you can go on vacation or business trip, go to fitness.

When choosing a handbag, pay attention to the quality of its manufacture. If you look for copies of bags of well-known brands, keep in mind that a self-respecting manufacturer accompanies a leather product with a label-industrial, on which you can consider the external side of the skin and the internal. All sections, as a rule, are hidden inward very carefully. The line should be neat and even, without sticking threads.

When buying a handbag, you need to imagine what exactly you need it for. Ideally when there are somewhat for different situations. One thing is important – every moment of her life a woman should live beautifully. It is accessories – a bag, shoes, scarves and jewelry and are the same that is remembered, striking, which means that it is precisely by them that they are judged by taste, sense of style and measure.

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