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We ennoble six acres for the summer season

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With the arrival of summer sunny days, you can visit the cottage to dig in the beds and relax from the noisy city. In addition, this is a good opportunity to equip a place for a pleasant pastime. The best option is a gazebo, you can accommodate guests in it, and you yourself can relax in any weather. The place for the gazebo should be not only convenient, but also beautiful. The structure among the trees in the depths of the site will look good. This will hide you from prying eyes and allow you to relax, enjoy the buzz of bees and birds of birds. The most important thing is to decide on the type of gazebo and the material from which it will be made.

Varieties of structures for summer holidays

The most popular are ready -made arbors from the beam, since they are reliable and beautiful. Natural material, in particular wood, is perfectly processed and can correspond to any style, have a variety of forms. A pleasant wood aroma and soft natural color will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and therefore it will be pleasant and even useful to relax in it. If you ennoble such a gazebo with flowers and green plants, then the place of rest will turn into a paradise corner.

In addition to wood, plastic or metal is used for prefabricated arbors, which also looks good. They are especially convenient if the move is planned in the future. Thanks to a light design, such a gazebo is easy to assemble and transported to a new place. As for the structures “for centuries”, they are often built from brick. In addition to the material, arbors differ in forms and types. It can be both quadrangular and round and polygonal structures of a closed and open type. For summer residents, a ready -made gazebo from an open -type beam is a great option. But no matter what the structure will be, it is very important that a beautiful view of the site opens from it.

How to ennoble the territory before the gazebo?

It is very simple to spend time and get a lot of pleasure in the country season, especially if you take yourself with “floral” chores. Alpine slides surrounded by a beautiful lawn will look great in the territory before the gazebo. It is not difficult to build such beauty, the main thing is to get a few large stones and sketch a small hill of earth. Stones and crushed stone are placed on the hill, after which flowers and various mountain plants are planted. If desired, you can organize a small rosarium or equip a small pond, a fountain.

Thus, the country season will pass interestingly and fun, and there will be enough impressions until next summer.

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