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My head washing my head without tears

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My head without tears

“Previously, in infancy, the baby simply loved to swim. We are now in our third year, and washing our hair has become a real torture for both her and me, because it is not in my power to listen to this roar. And we practice shampoo without tears, and I come up with different stories. Nothing helps”.

Probably, many mothers face such a similar situation, especially, it is problematic with daughters with long hair, and the boys are still whims. Together with the Women’s Paradise site, we will try to figure out what is the reason and learn how to wash your hair without tears.

To begin with, all these tears, not because the shampoo shook his eyes, but all because the fact of the very fact of getting water in the eyes does not like the babies at all. If everything was fine before these tantrums, perhaps during the last bathing, the water poured the baby’s eyes too much or she inhaled the water strongly, and this is unpleasant even to adults. In any case, small tips will help you cope with this temporary problem.

one. Invite your baby to play a hairdresser, you can even visit it together, showing how the master professional washes the aunts of the head. Role games are very fond of role -playing games, ask her name, invite to the bathroom, show all the objects necessary for washing your head: shampoo, towel, bucket with water. If you have a daughter, you can first wash your doll’s head with her, if the son, sacrifice for the sake of such an idea with one soft toy, wash your head to the bear or cheburashka.

2. Sile up your child and play your baby, show with the help of a mirror what funny “hairstyles” can be built on the head – “scallop”, “funny horns”, “crown”.

3. Remember, children do not like when, even pure water falls into the eyes. Ask the baby squeeze his eyes strongly or closed his face with his hands. You can offer him a small towel so that he holds him by his face, clutching tightly to his temples, so the water will not get into his eyes, and his head will be washed.

four. Never put your child before the fact: “Now we go to the bathroom, we will wash your head”. Better make him an offer: “Who washes your head today? You or me?””. Be sure to praise the baby: “What a good fellow you are! I didn’t cry today! Clean, beautiful and tasty smell!””.

So, do not get hung up, this is not a problem at all, a little patience, your dexterity, love and affection, and washing your head to turn into pleasure.

Author: Natalia especially for women’s paradise

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