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Wax bioepilation – Women’s Internet portal ‘Charming legs”

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Wax bioepilation is a very effective way to take care of your beauty and remove excess hair from the entire surface of the body.

Hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition are the most common causes of hair growth in unwanted places. However, if earlier women and society as a whole put up with antennae, armpits, on legs and arms, in the bikini area, today to have hair in all these places is a sign of a bad tone.

In the beginning, to remove hair, women used a simple razor machine.

This, of course, is a very fast and convenient way to get rid of unwanted vegetation. However, the effect of this method does not last long-only one or two days and then it is necessary to shave again.

Puzzled by the issue of the possibility of hair removal for a longer period, cosmetologists turned to history and ancient Egypt. After all, ancient women, queens and noble ladies got rid of hair with the help of wax a thousand years ago. Ancient traditions have been revived and today each beautiful modern lady is available wax bioepilation.

Wax removal allows you to forget about hairs for 2-3 weeks, it all depends on the characteristics of the body. Moreover, the following hairs will grow less often, the hair becomes lighter and thin. And after 3-4 years, many women note that the hair in some areas of the skin ceases to grow at all.

What is the secret of wax bioepilation?

The thing is that the wax allows you to remove the hair with the root, and even injure the hair bulb. For comparison, hair removal with a regular razor removes only the visible part of the hair, and it begins to grow even faster, becomes even thicker. It is the injury of follicles that allows women to breathe a sigh of relief for at least some time.

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