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Photography – a chance to extend youth

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Photography – a chance to extend youth

Unfortunately, the past years have ruthlessly leave their traces on our skin: the skin loses the tone; pigmented spots, wrinkles, expanded pores appear; The complexion changes. To improve the appearance and condition of the skin today allows photography – a relatively new aesthetic procedure.

Photography – a method aimed at correcting some age -related skin changes. It is based on the action on the layers of the skin of the light flow. This technique came to us from the West after long scrupulous tests of dermatologists. The most important advantage of the procedure is its non -compliance and non -invasiveness. It does not harm the skin, since the laser is used very selectively: the problem area of ​​the skin in a split second heats up, the protein is reduced, and neighboring tissues remain intact.

Indications for photography

Photography helps to solve the following problems:


vascular “stars”;

skin pigmentation (age);

expanded pores;

expanded vessels;

wrinkles (small);

stains from tanning;

gray complexion;

acne (but not in all cases);

reduced skin elasticity;

“oily skin;

undesirable tattoos;

sagging, flabby skin (to a certain limit).

Contraindications to photoomation

Like any medical procedure, the photograph is not shown to everyone. Unconditional contraindications:

the presence of diabetes or cardiac stimulant in an uncompensated form;


oncological diseases;

increased photosensitivity;

violations of blood coagulation;

varicose veins in the zone where processing is needed.

Temporary contraindications:

skin damage (scratches, wounds);

passing a course of treatment with antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics and some other drugs;

Fresh tan.

Photography is not recommended for pregnant women and children (younger than 16-17 years old), as well as with thyroid diseases.

The essence of the procedure of photo -reinforcement:

The doctor selects radiation frequencies so that he is absorbed:

Melanin (for the destruction of pigmentation);

hemoglobin (for working with redness and vessels);

deep layers of the skin (to activate metabolic processes and the production of collagen).

One such procedure takes less than an hour, after it a special cream is applied to the skin, and for several days the processed area must be protected from the sun and overheating. Of course, a single procedure will not give the desired effect, but the process of photography also gives a noticeable anti -aging effect, and eliminates the pigment and vascular lesions of the skin.

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