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Furniture from the Belarusian manufacturer and assessment of its quality

by chinanewsapp

Contrary to the widespread opinion that Belarusians produce only cheap furniture, in the catalog of their companies there are good quality products. This does not mean that inexpensive furniture from Belarus is bad, and expensive furniture is good. The difference between expensive and cheap furniture is the same in all countries, not all companies honestly observe the rules. For example, cheap furniture is made of cheap materials – this is chipboard or plywood. Middle -class furniture is made of MDF, and elite furniture is made exclusively from an array of wood. On the other hand, the array can be different – from a massive pine, they make middle -class furniture, and in order to sell furniture is expensive, you need to make it from expensive wood species.  In addition, expensive furniture is made from MDF, but in this case it is processed by a vinir of valuable woods.

Furniture companies from Belarus often follow these rules of cheap and expensive furniture, for which we appreciate them. Cheap Belarusian furniture is sold at a non -market price only very bad companies. But due to the fact that many consider all Belarusian furniture cheap (that is, made of cheap materials), people lose their sight good affordable goods from good materials and at a favorable price. Such furniture is no worse than the one that is sold on the websites of Italian furniture, especially when compared between Italian and Belarusian furniture in the middle quality category (that is, from MDF or MDF+array).

Some Belarusian factories have their own representative offices in Moscow or St. Petersburg. For example, this is the Moscow website of Pinskdrev – Moscow.Pinskdrev. The company also has a site for Petersburgers. On it you will find many types of furniture that are sold on the websites of retail sellers of furniture in your region. Through the website of the official representative office, you can order furniture or study information about it. For example, you can see exactly what materials were used in a particular collection of products. In addition, the company offers a number of options for the production of the selected headset or subject for your needs (replacing materials, accessories, finishes, textiles, etc.P.).

Pay attention to the type of wood, which is used to produce furniture from array. Quality depends on this – some types of wood are better than withstand severity, scratches, etc.P. For example, furniture from a pine massif cannot be sold expensive, because the pine is not strong enough, although good (environmentally friendly, attractive, natural, etc.P.). The veneers are mounted on furniture from drove -haired panels, for example, on MDF. A tree that is used to create a veneer also affects the quality of the product.

Furniture is also considered to determine the quality of furniture and the fasteners are especially carefully studied. Someone uses furniture glue, others use screws or nails. A good option is furniture in which fasteners are not used at all.

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