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Oblast: Features of the profession, professional skills

by chinanewsapp

Obrequer is an important profession, both in construction and in architectural and design. Many buildings and rooms have a flooring or walls, as well as various architectural elements made of marble, tiles or mosaics. The implementation of such finishing work is a very complex process that requires both the preparation of detailed sketches and the accuracy of calculations, both directly in laying and in compiling mixtures to create a coating.

The work of the facingman is quite in demand in our time, since the non -standard interior of the premises and the design of the buildings is increasingly relevant. If you are looking for work in this direction, then experts recommend looking for vacancies among architectural enterprises, design studios, such a direction can be in many construction companies that carry out repair and decorative finishing work. In addition, a job search in Moscow or another big city can be implemented in the other way. There are sites on the Internet on which you can place your resume, and the employer will already find you yourself. For example, the Saberitov service allows employers to register vacancies from its company, and send a competent resume to applicants. Thus, moderators help them find each other. Note that very many manage to find work in this way, while without wasting their time to useless nicknames of numerous companies and on trips on hundreds of interviews, a considerable percentage of which is ridiculous profanity. Modern life is dynamic, but modern technologies and the approach to personnel issues, including focused on saving our time, on our positive life mood and success.

If you are just choosing your direction in the field of the profession, and thought over the construction sphere, then we will clarify what the facing of the lining does, and what is its skill. To begin with, such a master works with a variety of finishing materials, among which the main mosaics, marble (usually artificial), ceramic tiles, as well as different types of synthetic materials, work. Also, the lining must be able to compose a solution, select paints and compositions that are used in architectural design. There are different branches in this profession. For example, the work of the facial facing man is that he can make complex coatings of not only solid surfaces, but also such architectural elements as a column or pilast. It also carries out proper grinding, or polishing the coating (traditionally – using special equipment).

Mercuror facing carrier carries out lining in the area of ​​curvilinear surfaces, and also knows how to paint veins on the structure of artificial marble. Knowledge of the properties of materials and rules for their installation is mandatory. You also need to be able to make a time frame for mosaic compositions.

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