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Using binding material for the preparation of solutions

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»Using binder for the preparation of solutions

Materials used for the preparation of concrete or solution are customary to divide into air (construction lime, clay and gypsum) and hydraulic (special astringent, cement). A specific feature of air materials is that they harden exclusively in the air and can be blurred with water, and hydraulic at the same time begin to harden in the air and continue to harden in water.

Clay may differ in color, t.to. It includes various minerals.In addition, the shades of clay colors can vary depending on the amount of metal in water in which clay dissolves. So, for example, if the water was cleaned through the Eurobion biological cleaning system, the clay will be much lighter than if the water is taken from the street well. It acts as a binder in the preparation of clay solutions used in plaster, laying bricks, the manufacture of clay walls and brick itself. Clay is divided into fat, medium and skinny. The latter are used without adding any impurities in the form of sand, unlike medium and fatty clay.

For the manufacture of reinforced concrete and concrete structures, the preparation of a number of building solutions, I use cement. By its nature, cement is a astringent hydraulic substance that can harden both directly in the air and in water. This material is grasped for a long time, usually within 28 days.

Lime-boiling lime is a negative ground grayish color powder. The dough is obtained by mixing this sand and ground slag or pumhes dust.

Construction gypsum – pore of grayish or white grinding, which is widely used in the command of plastering or as an additive to a clay and lime solution, thereby increasing their strength and accelerating their setting.

Stone materials for garden construction

For laying the foundations of buildings, basements, walls, pillars, furnaces and stone materials, such as a radial stone, brick, autoclave cellular concrete and a number of other materials, as natural and so, are used as a variety of fillers of solutions and concrete, so …

High -quality material for building a house – foam block

Building a beautiful and warm house is a dream of many people. But the realization of this dream is often rested on finance. The future homeowner has to think more than one day before choosing an inexpensive, but high -quality material for the construction of his home.

Characterization of the physical and mechanical properties of wood

One of the main indicators of the mechanical properties of wood are its strength and hardness. Strength is the ability to resist splitting with strong external influences, and hardness is high resistance when processing with various tools.

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