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Fashion for sunglasses, 2015 Season

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Sunglasses are now popular at least a few years ago. They can be used not only as protecting the eyes from dazzling sunlight, but also as a stylish element that can give the image of a highlight, make your appearance more modern. In addition, glasses with darkened glasses play an important role-thanks to them you can not worry that someone will see your eyes. If you are sad, you can always hide your feelings from strangers. But before going shopping, it is important to determine in advance to the shape of the glasses, which is as suitable for your type of face and is considered the most fashionable in 2015.

Glasses with round shape

Such glasses are most suitable for owners of an oval type of face, they can rightfully be considered one of the very first models that appeared in fashion. Modern designers advise choosing exactly those glasses that are not particularly distinguished, they should have a restrained design, not attract a lot of attention. This is a universal option, since you can go in such glasses not only to the beach, but also to work, shopping or just for a walk. They are not notable, they can perfectly hide any shortcomings or visually adjust them. Each fashionista should know that if you are going to choose a rounded shape, you should give preference to models with perfect geometry in various incarnations.

“Cunning chanterelles” or rocking glasses

It is better for representatives of a round face to pay attention to glasses of a slightly elongated shape or, in other words, to the model “cunning chanterelles”. The shape of the glasses resembles a drop with an elongated and narrowed end to the outer side of the eye. Such glasses will give your image of elegance, make a fatal woman out of the simpleton, emphasize the advantages and slightly narrow the shape of a round face. Among the glasses of the famous Prada brand, you will also find drop models, they can be of a concise shade, or they can have an accent in the form of bright colors or decorative elements: rhinestones, patterns, textures, etc.D. Now you can buy PRADA in Moscow at more favorable prices, since such models have become very relevant.

Square, rectangular, hexagonal glasses

Despite the unusual appearance, such glasses are also not inferior to the described models described. In 2015, experts recommend paying attention to them, especially glasses in the form of a ski mask, and the color of the glass must be neo-blue, matte-mirror or chocolate. Rectangular glasses look very eccentric, it is this form – the choice of the fashion brand Carven. For the spring-summer season, black-shaped black glasses with rounded corners are an ideal option-this is a classic option that will be well combined with almost any outfits.

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