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Hydromassage basins of the company PDC Spas – reliability and quality

US company PDC SPAS, world leader in the production of not only hydromassage baths, but also accessories for them. Their pools with PDC form are approved and satisfied with all quality associations of the American, Canadian and European Association. PDC Spas received numerous awards for their quality, and their pools are confirmed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The bowl of their pool is very durable, it is made of the Lucite XL Microban material, this material is resistant to the exposure of the sun and scratches.

The filtration system will allow you to maintain water in crystal clean condition.

These pools stand out their individual and unique design. In addition, their Motion Glow system will be able to highlight your water in various colors, which will improve your mood, as well as a built -in stereo system.

Hydromassage pools (baths) Spa Paragon (Canada)

The baths from this company are very comfortable and convenient. Pools are made according to the latest technology.

Paragon has a triple thermal insulation system of your pool, which will increase the service life of both the pool and the entire equipment.

The pool bowl is made of acrylic, and covered with a layer of fiberglax, thereby it is resistant to scratches and the sun, and Fiberglass ensures its durability.

On the sides are elegant plastic panels. You can always track all the data of water and state conditions thanks to the built -in LCD to the monitor. This company guarantees you security. Their safety includes protection against freezing, overheating, as well as a protective shutdown.

Commercial hydromassage basins of the company Pool Spa (Spain)

Pool SPA basins are widely used in recreation homes, wellness centers, hotels, salon beauty, hotels in all those institutions where the client needs relaxation and recovery.

These pools are designed for durable operation have high throughput. Water does not require that it is often changed, due to the fact that it is disinfected and filtered in automatic mode using a filtered sand installation and dosage system and testing of chemical reagents. As a rule, the pool bowl is buried in the podium, and the main equipment is located in a separate room, at a distance of at least 10 meters from the bowl.

Hydromassage pools (baths) Nordic (USA)

Nordic pools from the American company have high quality products. The pool bowl is made of Permashell, which is very durable and durable material. From the inside, the baths are filled with a very high density polyurethane. Nordic spa basins have a wooden tray. Also in these pools there is a very powerful whirlpool with the help of which you enjoy hydrotherapy. These pools are equipped with the equipment of the most famous manufacturers, and are equipped with very high -quality side panels made of a Canadian cedar or plastic.

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