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Massive board – excavator

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Massive board

The cornerstone when decorating a room requiring the most close attention is the choice of flooring. Modern technologies and materials formed the richest market for various products manufactured by various companies to satisfy almost any most exquisite request. The assortment of this market presents various types of linoleum, carpet and t.D., And, of course, the most traditional and prestigious coating of wood is a parquet and massive board.

Massive board

The massive board differs from the piece parquet only with its dimensions, reaching a length of 6 meters, and in width – 0.2 meters, connecting among themselves with the help of a traditional system – Shippase.

Paul made of a massive board creates an unshakable sense of confidence and stability, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

In the construction world, the Magestik Floor massive board, the Dutch company, a recognized leader in a number of leading world manufacturers of flooring, is most popular.

Magestik Floor company with a competent distribution of its production capacities in the regions of growth of the necessary tree species, has achieved quite low prices for its products from oak and ash. The factories of the company are located at various points of the globe: Brazil, Indonesia, Cameroon, China, Myanmar, Panama, Peru and Thailand.

The wide range presented by the company includes products of both natural non -tinted wood and a wide range of massive boards from tinted oak.

The wood of this breed is easily served tinting, subjected to soaking or temperature treatment, which allows you to create unique shades. The most fashionable shades are clay and gray, who deserved a special praise of designers.

Each separate bar is covered with UV mamal or varnish, which excludes additional processing during installation. Magestik Floor guarantees a 25 -year service life of its massive board.



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