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Facades of private houses

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The external decoration of the facades of private houses can be performed using hinged ventilated facades, which are two-stage systems, the effectiveness of the construction and physical indicators of which is quite high. The outer part of the system is a decorative facing shell that protects the house from rain, snow and mechanical effects. Excessive amount of moisture in the array of the structure and in its premises will be removed in the ventilated area of ​​the facade. And this, in turn, reduces heat loss in the insulation. The process of insulation during the decoration of facades of houses allows you to hide the errors of the joints of the structure and helps to preserve heat over the entire area of ​​the facade. In the hot season of the year, ventilation will protect the walls from overheating and provide a comfortable temperature in the rooms of the house.

The type of design of the mounted facade, as well as the scheme of its fastening, will be selected based on the type of finishing panel, the degree of loads (its own weight of the house, the amount of precipitation, the force of wind, temperature fluctuations). The part of the structure, which is located under the facing part, allows you to correct some deviations in the size, irregularities and cracks in the walls.

A layer of air in a hinged facade, which provides ventilation, will prevent the accumulation of heat and moisture, while allowing you to drain the sediments that have fallen to the back of the cladding. The insulation in this case remains absolutely dry.

For external decoration of the facades of private houses, various materials are used. Among them are kerammo-borderline, fiber cement, alukoboid, natural stone (marble, granite). Ventilated hinged facades are easily mounted with a roof, windows, stained-glass windows, plinth using special units.

The advantages of using hinged facades during such an “event” as finishing the facades of private houses

thermal insulation. The combination of a special profile system of a hinged facade and a heat insulator does not allow heat to accumulate inside the house, contributing to the natural ventilation of the facade. Having thus obtained a pleasant indoor climate, you can save on the purchase of expensive air conditioners.

thermal insulation. Insulation, protected by a special profile system from the effects of rain, snow and condensation, perfectly retains heat at home. Therefore, you can significantly reduce the cost of heating your home. If during the design and subsequent finishing of a private house you take into account the use of a hinged facade, then it will be possible to reduce the thickness of the bearing walls in advance, which will reduce the load on the foundation.

Rain protection. Designed according to a special technique, the design of the supporting profile directs the moisture that enters the surface into the drainage, preventing its contact with the walls of the house and insulation.

The decoration of the facades of private houses, made using hinged facades, will make the internal microclimate of your home comfortable at any time of the year.

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