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Pros and cons of buying an apartment in a house under construction. Personal experience

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In 2011, my spouse and I decided to buy our first apartment. Immediately decided to take a chance to buy an apartment in a house under construction. The choice stood up after the developer. After watching housing prices in our area, we chose a large holding that takes first place in the ranking of construction organizations of our city.

It should be noted that we took the apartment at the stage when the future house had only piles.

I will not put off on a long box all the advantages of such a purchase:

one. The price of a square meter is lower than in houses put into operation;

3. The installment plan allowed to fully repay the cost of the apartment during the year, although the initial contribution was 50% of the cost of housing. Did not take any mortgage.

Now to the minuses of the purchase of housing in a house under construction:

one. high risk that the house will not be built due to financial problems. We did not have this, the house was built quickly enough;

2. Do not know what quality construction. Get ready for your apartment there may be uneven walls and ceilings, uncomfortable electric branches, batteries with insufficient radiators for the optimal heating of the apartment, plates, most likely, will be scratched during external and interior decoration;

3. The developer had to install an electric stove, counters and a metal door. The electric stove burned out almost immediately, the iron door could be cut with a knife, and the hot water meter failed, I had to change;

four. When visiting the apartment, we found that workers were sleeping in it. But this is even for the better, the finisors and hung additional radiators on the batteries. Apparently in the winter they were frozen;

5. Try not to buy apartments in the part of the house where the temperature seam is taking place. In our house, such apartments flow;

6. Developers overdue the delivery of the house. In this case, the organization developer usually proposes to sign an additional agreement on changing the deadlines for the house. I advise you not to sign why see. In paragraph 6.

7. in the contract with the developer it is usually indicated that if the area of ​​the apartment after the delivery of the house is larger than the area specified in the contract, then the owner of the apartment is obliged to pay for additional square centimeters. So, if the developer has overdue the delivery of the house, you can safely demand compensation in the court for the time spent, and if you have also counted additional centimeters, then you and the developer can agree close and do not pay anything. Here we flew in this how honest citizens signed an additional agreement on transferring the house and then paid for the extra 20 cm 9 thousand. rub. By the way, the apartments of the larger area were obtained by everyone.

eight. Pay attention to how much the guarantee of the developer at home is;

9. Pay attention to the reputation of the management company, which will then serve your home.

Thus, there are more minuses. The most important thing is to prepare that you may have to spend extra money besides those that you postponed for repairs.

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