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Every self-respecting woman loves shopping. Buying the most frequently used accessory of a woman’s handbag occupies an important place. By the appearance of the handbag, you can even guess about the character and disposition of the young lady carrying it. If, when choosing this wardrobe item, you pay attention to what this bag can suit, what it will go well with, and what it is better to avoid wearing it with, then with a competent and well-matched image, look like a real fashionista.

Every season brings something new to fashion trends. Let’s try to figure out on our own what kind of handbag will be considered the most relevant in the spring-summer 2013 season. if you want to be in trend, then remember. The most fashionable this season will be bags, as well as clutches, mostly in pastel shades. These include beige, blue and coral. For those who love brightness and stand out from the crowd, such fashionistas will be pleased with collections of bright colors of all shades. As many have probably already noticed, another bright fashion trend this year is floral motifs. Bags are no exception. You can choose a handbag in size decorated with flowers of different shades.

Bags from Dolce look especially chic & Gabbana presented in their new collection. This is a combination of wealth and luxury with beauty and subtlety of taste. The main idea of ​​​​a mosaic that is used in different color variations.

As for the finishing of bags, many manufacturers prefer soft finishes, which are still in special demand, and, accordingly, the offer is a finish that has the name “reptile”. As you could understand, the main fashion trends this season are brightness and originality. So you definitely won’t have to get bored and drown in a sea of ​​dullness and monotony this summer.

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