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Black ceilings: when is it right

by chinanewsapp

We grew up in the faith that the ceiling should be white. For some time, designers and companies engaged in suspended ceilings taught us a slightly different vision of this part of our house. For example, we can make a curly ceiling without a twinge of conscience, some of which will correspond to the color of our wallpaper or place an image of a starry sky on the ceiling. And, nevertheless, if I tell you to paint the ceiling in black, you will be very surprised, although there are many reasons to do just like that. Read about them in this article.

You can order stretch ceilings of any color and even with images applied to them. The company’s specialists will come and do all the work on the installation of the ceiling you selected. If you live in Moscow, you can use the services of Realfran, on the website of which you can also calculate the cost of work.

one. Reflect other elements in the room

If the room has many black details (bed, cornice, lamps, etc.P.), then a black ceiling can connect all these things together, creating the unity of the interior.

2. Emphasize the design

If the room is filled with art decor, then the ceiling can complement it. It is suggested that on your walls there are paintings in large frames of black frames with a white substrate, and there are white skirting boards and white decorations of the window frame, as well as stucco. A ceiling consisting of a combination of black with white stucco figure geometry is suitable for this style of the room.

3. Make the ceiling below

High ceilings are always good, but in fact, they can make the room look cold and non -residential. Black ceiling can make the ceiling below without sacrifice to the real height.

four. Make the ceiling above

It sounds like a contradiction to the previous point, but if the design is made in such a way that you do not see the boundaries of the room, then it will seem higher.

5. Add dramas

Black ceiling always adds architectural interest to the room and intrigue to the room.

6. Because the rest of the design is black and white

Some things look much better in black and white. If the black ceiling is a good echo of black floor, the interior will be in order.

7. Hide the mess

It is very difficult to hide the shortcomings under the ceiling in a number of rooms. For example, ventilation pipes in the basement. Regarding the budget solution, it would be painting the ceiling and its entire contents are black.

eight. Highlight the zone

In the apartments, the studios sometimes have to allocate one zone from another. To do this, you can paint part of the ceiling in one of the areas in black or install a black suspension ceiling.

9. Draw attention to view

Of course, the beautiful view from the window will be noticeable without a black ceiling, but in many rooms, with the right design with a black ceiling, your eyes will be instantly facing the window.

ten. Because you are a rebel

Are you an adult or a teenager, a black ceiling is an unusual solution for the room, so as a certain form – this method will stand out.

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