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Overhaul 2017: do and don’t do it

by chinanewsapp

Some experts predict an increase in interest in services related to improving housing conditions and repair in 2017.

Someone buys new apartments, while others are building new houses or extensions in suburban areas. If you have a major overhaul in your mind as a means that will help improve life in an existing house, then try to pay attention to the tendencies in the industry so as not to do too much.

Prominent overhaul trends.

one. Thermal insulation.

Someone isolates the roofs, and someone-balconies. The insulation of balconies, by the way, allowed many people to feel the seed at times more comfortable this winter. Those who once again forgot about the repair on the roof last fall will again freeze or spend more money on heating.

2. Replacing all doors in the house replacing the entrance doors simultaneously with the neighbor to replace the door and ceiling.

At first glance, this seems to be a very strange set of options for repair, however, door manufacturers have recently offer customers additional discounts on the second front door, and some installation companies make discounts on stretch ceilings for those who ordered the door. There are also stores of interior doors in which you can stumble upon offers, such as increased discounts for each subsequent purchased door. Thus, simple doorbells can turn into a large-scale, but economical, project of reconstruction, if you buy something in bulk, for example, for a company with neighbors around the house. If your stair neighbor is not ready to divide the promotional proposal with you, leave an ad on the wall of the house or on social networks – there will probably be someone who, like you, needs a cheap door.

3. Universal repair in the bathroom.

If this year you are going to make a major overhaul in the bathroom, make it universal. Try to abandon the need to move plumbing, make redevelopment, expand doorways, and t.D. Recently, all reconstructions of this kind are leading to a serious rise in the cost of the project, headache and increase the term of repair. Better to do something simple, useful, comfortable – do not strive to implement a complex design. Experts advise investing in advanced technologies and the best types of plumbing and plumbing elements, for example, expensive faucets.

four. Advanced projects.

Advanced projects are projects aimed at creating a smart home or environmentally friendly house. If you decide to make major repairs, consider the options that will help you make your house at least a bit more modern, for example, lay an eco flooring or connect climate control systems in rooms to a smart thermostat.

5. Separate the sleeping area from everything else.

Try to remove everything that is not connected with this room from the bedroom. Speak the sleep area from the work area or watching TV. If you have only one room, then it makes sense to divide it with a partition or, at least, with a screen.

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