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Ensuring the security of smart contracts with Web3 Security Audit

by buma888

Digital technologies are multifaceted and cover almost all aspects of human activity. Ownership of assets involves the transfer of ownership and takes into account a large amount of information on transactions. Blockchain technology allows you to perform all these actions instantly and provide accurate data to all participants in the process. Smart contracts are used for this. To ensure their security, it is worth conducting a Web3 Security Audit.

Features of the procedure

An audit is a comprehensive verification of documentation and processes in various areas. If we are talking about Smart Contract Audit, then the applications that ensure the interaction of process participants and find errors or vulnerabilities in them are studied.

To fully study applications, you need to perform two types of smart contract studies:

  1. The static option involves analyzing the source code. This option is also used for Blockchain Security. The method received its name due to the lack of action when the program’s functionality is not checked.
  2. Dynamic is focused on the study and analysis of the action of a smart contract in its environment. Data processing and coordination with blockchain security systems are checked. It manifests itself in starting to work with various data, and comparing the results obtained with what should be.

If we talk about a comprehensive check from the CQR company, then both options are used to get a complete and reliable picture of the security of the contract and the absence of vulnerabilities.

Execution of the process

Any user or company working using blockchain technology related to the ownership of various assets or a change of ownership can order a check. This could be cryptocurrency, real estate, logistics and other similar activities.

It is important to correctly set the task for the contractor and indicate the type of smart contract. Source code must be submitted for line-by-line manual review. Specialists will carefully study it for errors, vulnerabilities, and, if necessary, point out shortcomings or carry out corrections.

After this, an automatic check is carried out on a test blockchain, where the dynamic action and the absence of errors are studied. This is an important stage, because during the actual implementation of a smart contract, errors in its execution cannot be corrected.

Based on the research conducted, a report is generated indicating all the shortcomings and corrective measures are listed.

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