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Furniture in the age of digital technology

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The days have passed when household items are limited by statics and one function. There have long been transforming sofas-beds, but now such sofas are also motorized and controlled applications in the smartphone. For example, the studio of Italian designer Carlo Ratty makes hexagonal stools that change the height and can become your chair or bed – just click the necessary buttons in the phone.

The American furniture manufacturer Sleep Number released a mattress that can be controlled through the application in a smartphone – the user can set up a bed under his individual level of comfort.

There are even office tables that themselves regulate the height of the legs in different intervals of time to “teach” the user of the optimal ergonomic position.

More and more furniture is connected to the network and intelligent devices to monitor the health of the user and provide feedback with it.

Technology and furniture production

Digital technologies also change the design of furniture – furniture companies use technical ingenuity to produce the most comfortable and ergonomic furniture.

Why pay for a bed, a sofa and a rack for books, if you can buy a transformer furniture, which can be all at once. Such furniture options were previously popular only among owners of tiny apartments, but now they are interesting to everyone. This is more compact furniture, effective and often cleaner from an environmental point of view.

Technologies can improve factories, optimize equipment, energy efficiency and security of the workshops, as well as track materials and production maneuverability, which takes furniture manufacturers to a completely new level.

The modern world also transformed the types of materials used in furniture. New materials (polymers, extructions and silicones) lead to innovation. Safe bio -cultures help make hardships and update products, for example, there is furniture that can deodel the air or completely decompose at the end of the life cycle.

3D printers allowed to produce furniture on demand and improve prototyping.

Internet and furniture sales

The Internet changes how we buy furniture. Most people now order goods on the network. And this is beneficial for both those who buy and for those who produce – furniture manufacturers can directly send products to homeowners, avoiding intermediaries and all those prices of prices that come with them.

Virtual reality allows customers of designer agencies to see a three -dimensional future interior and study numerous furniture options that have not yet been made. With the help of VR tools, furniture companies in the future will be able to reduce expenses and offer customers a new experience in studying goods.

The digital age was the impetus for the development of flagship furniture stores.

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