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Staying Alive: A Review of Last Train JK

by marusia

Last Train JK is an addictive action-adventure game for Android that throws you into a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world. As practically the last surviving human, you must pilot and protect a speeding train to transport remaining survivors across treacherous wastelands.

With easy touch controls, upgradable weapons, multiple challenging levels, and the fate of humanity resting on split-second decisions, Last Train JK provides an immersive, high-stakes mobile gaming experience.


  • Intuitive touch controls to pilot the train and fight zombies
  • Variety of firearms and melee weapons to unlock and upgrade
  • Multiple challenging stages across different terrains, each with unique obstacles
  • Opportunities to collect supply crates and bonus items to upgrade your train’s speed, armor, health, etc.
  • Boss battles against giant mutant zombies and machines
  • An automanagement system to maintain train resources
  • Secret areas hidden throughout stages that contain valuable collectible items and easter eggs
  • Leaderboards to compare high scores and accomplishments with other players
  • Smooth 3D graphics and gameplay suitable for Android devices

Plot Last Train JK apk

In a zombie-ravaged world, you play as a former soldier turned train conductor on a locomotive containing some of humanity’s last survivors. Responding to a distress call in Last Train JK apk, you must traverse across the post-apocalyptic wasteland while overcoming obstacles, hordes of undead, hostile humans, and monstrous bosses. Keeping the train operational by managing essential resources, upgrading your defenses and arsenal, and protecting passengers from threats are all crucial to delivering everyone to the promised safe zone. With dwindling numbers, the future of the human race depends on you making this one Last Train to salvation.


The core gameplay focuses on outmaneuvering obstacles while fending off zombies and mutants across a side-scrolling, post-apocalpytic landscape. You swipe left and right to dodge barricades on the tracks, tap buttons to fire an arsenal of weapons at incoming enemies, and shake the device to activate special abilities and power-ups. Periodically you’ll need to collect water, fuel, and food to maintain basic functions of the train in Last Train JK. New challenges unlock as you progress through stages of increasing difficulty. Solve puzzles when needed to open new paths or acquire key items.


With easy touch controls, exciting action sequences, and the stakes of transporting humanity’s last survivors, Last Train JK brings a unique twist to side-scrolling zombie games. Quick reflexes and smart resource management are key to overcoming obstacles human and undead. Those looking for an immersive, addictive mobile game will find Last Train JK delivers an engaging experience across multiple gameplay modes. So stock up your zombie survival gear, and prepare for heart-pounding ride across the post-apocalyptic wasteland on this one Last Train to mankind’s salvation.

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