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Wrapping is the best way to improve the figure

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Any girl tried to lose weight. But many have not succeeded for a long time. Some even tried to starve to achieve their goal. This method of losing weight will only harm health and figure. How to lose excess weight without terrible consequences? Sports and healthy diet will help this. Many will say that this method will bear fruit only after a long period of time. How to reduce waiting time? Wraps for weight loss will help this.

At the beginning of the journey, girls can simply get lost, choosing the right type of procedure. But the solution was found: the best wraps for weight loss on the forum can be easily found. There, girls talk about the most effective of them, as well as how they helped them.

Experts believe that wraps are best carried out on an empty stomach, and after the procedure to arrange a fasting day. In this case, the result is noticeable.

I would like to note that this procedure is carried out in the cosmetology room and at home. Despite the fact that the second option is less costly, it does not become not effective. With regular conducting the procedure at home, you can also get fruits. Wraps are both for losing weight in the legs and in the abdomen.

The best legs wraps

The girls are best responding to wraps using honey. In addition, the ingredient for the procedure will require essential oils of orange and lemon 2 drops of each. These components are mixed together in a water bath.

The wrap of blue clay, which can be purchased in a pharmaceutical store at a low price, is still effective. Its main advantage is the high content of nitrogen, magnesium, iron, as well as the fact that it accelerates metabolic processes and smoothes the skin. For cooking, you will need to mix clay with water until a state of thick sour cream is obtained, as well as add essential oils for a better result.

Best abdomen wraps

The procedure must be started by applying a scrub to the abdomen. Next, it should be washed off and proceed directly to the wrap itself.

One of the effective wraps for this area is algae. It helps to reduce volumes. For the procedure, algae will be needed, they must be mixed with water at room temperature, and then evenly distributed on the stomach, then wrap it with cling film.

Chocolate wrap will help moisturize the skin of the abdomen. In a water bath, it is necessary to melt the tile of a bitter chocolate and apply it in the right area, turn into a baking film and lie with it for half an hour under the blanket.

Such wraps will help resolve the issue of excess weight, but do not forget that they should be used in combination with healthy diet and sports.

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