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How to choose the right mattress?

by chinanewsapp

The quality of sleep largely depends on how correctly the mattress is chosen. If in a dream a person often tossed, or cannot fall asleep for a long time, and in the morning he feels fatigue, pain in the back and neck – it’s time to sound the alarm, and look for the cause not in annoying mosquitoes or magnetic storms, but in an incorrectly equipped sleeping place. You should take the advice and recommendations of orthopedic doctors and choose a mattress option that will have the necessary rigidity, high-quality filler, comfortable support and, most importantly, an affordable price.

Almost all mattresses presented in the market of goods are called orthopedic. However, only a few models have a therapeutic effect. Most of them are the first and effective step in the treatment of the spine and various diseases in the supporting and motor apparatus. For example, Matrasyvegasecolatex ecolatex mattresses, for the manufacture of which 100% natural raw materials are used, in the form of coconuts and latex. They have such characteristics that can have a significant orthopedic effect, reduce pain, and give proper support for the spine. Despite the fact that this type of mattresses is irreparable, they have an amazing ability to maintain their form for many years.

They are recommended to people of advanced age, owners of fragile physique with a little weight, as well as children and adolescents in whom the process of forming the spine is not yet completed.

However, people with a weight that are seriously exceeding the norm, such mattresses are not very suitable. In this case, you should pay attention to the spring version, which can be based on both dependent and independent spring blocks. In mattresses with dependent spring blocks, modern industry uses classic, connected into a single whole, a system of springs, in which the body pressure for each separate spring is evenly distributed and immediately distributed throughout the mattress. But in models with independent spring blocks, the springs are not connected with each other, work autonomously and react only to the pressure that enters a specific spring. At the same time, they perform their orthopedic functions as much as possible, are able to accurately adapt to the bends of the body, and throughout the rest they provide perfect support for the spine, even with the minimum density of the springs. Matraits with spring blocks are considered standard, the density of which is about 256 springs located on one square meter. Models that support at a higher level, as well as a significant level of comfort, correspond to the larger number of springs. But they, respectively, are more expensive.

Regardless of which mattress will be acquired, the main thing is that it can have the necessary effect, and also corresponds to the habits and wishes of the buyer regarding the state of rigidity and comfort.

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