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New road maps from Nokia will help us enter the era of cars without drivers

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Nokia launched its cars on the roads of important megacities. These cars, similar to Google transport, shoot completely new 3D maps in the most important cities of the world. New cards may become a big business for Nokia in the coming decades, because their cards will be able to tell about the road everything, up to which paving slabs laid on the side of the road. They will give not only street pictures, but also navigation and street markers. They say that the cards will analyze the street movement and form data on the average speed at which the car is turned around the corner or move. Maps will give an idea of ​​road surface, traffic signs, transport flow, etc.P.

Why Nokia needs it? The fact is that the company Nokia expects that in the coming years the roads will begin to fill in cars on autopilots. And their cards will be an ideal assistant in the programming of such vehicles.  Drivers with their own eyes see what asphalt on the road and paving slabs on the sidelines, as well as what sign in front and how the driver behaves on the side. And the self-governing tool can receive information about this from the data collector and the information analyzer program.

Nokia blue-white cars have sensors and cameras. The cameras are removed with high resolution, capturing images 360 degrees every 6 meters. The Lidar system records and scans data one hundred meters in each direction. The GPS sensor monitors data on the position of the car with an accuracy of a centimeter.

When self-driving cars finally start to take over our roads, they will need a lot of help to get around. Cameras themselves, approximation sensors and smart programming will not be able to replace the driver-driver. The vehicle will need a lot of data – about roads, about road and paving coverage, about the behavior of people in a given area and other drivers, etc..

The Finnish company is most known to Nokia, known for its phones, which it sold to the microsoft for 7.$ 2 billion in 2013. Now the company has concentrated on mobile broadband communication, licensing IP and maps.

Unlike Google Maps and Apple Maps, which are so well known to consumers, Nokia cards know few people. This is because most of the work of Nokia spends the scenes of other companies. In fact, Nokia helps such projects as Bing, Yahoo, Garmin. Their cards are already used by FedEx and Oracle. But most of Nokia’s activity is working with the automotive industry, where they are collaborating with major manufacturers of vehicles and embedded GPS systems.

To replace the man-man, the car needs a powerful system of sensors on the ground and manually collected data about the streets, roads, road coverage, markers of behavior, etc.P.. So 3D maps from Nokia can really become the most useful element for the introduction of self -governing vehicles on the roads of modern cities.

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