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What does the model of direct sales for the manufacturer of home and repair products mean?

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Manufacturers who choose direct sales strategy are usually engaged in selling their products directly to consumers, and not intermediaries, such as department stores or third-party websites. The main advantage of this type of sales is that the company can hold its low level prices, as well as offer customers a quick delivery method and operational maintenance. In addition, the company gets the opportunity to control the attentiveness of its staff when they talk about products with the client, resolve negative reviews and not receive negative reviews due to intermediaries.

Why is a strategy for selling building materials through intermediaries better?

Most manufacturers choose a strategy in which they sell their goods through intermediaries. This is understandable, because many people purchase building materials and household goods in hypermarkets of construction products and furniture centers, and do not look for them on sites of specific manufacturers.

In order to sell goods exclusively through your website or your own store, reputation and good investments are required in the Internet marketing department.

Three models of sales of construction products

Each business choose your own sales strategy. In general, there are three models: only direct sales, only the OTO (sales through intermediaries) and mixed sales. Companies that choose a mixed sales strategy are or are aimed at selling their goods in the maximum number of points, or strengthen their personal sales and their reputation through intermediaries. In this case, the choice of intermediaries is clearly controlled, as well as their work.

Many products that you see on television or on the Internet are most often sold using a mixed sales strategy. Manufacturers of building materials and household goods that are advertised on television broadcasts, as a rule, sell products on their own sites and through third -party organizations, and the price on their own sites will be below.

Why are direct sales of construction products still choose?

Manufacturers want to use direct sales, because third -party stores increase prices for their products, often making it uncompetitive. Internet access now enables many manufacturers to sell their products on their own and improve customer opinion about their goods. The fact is that often a negative impression of the manufacturer is formed due to the fault of the store, and not the manufacturer himself – the store can ruin the goods, give the consumer, make a delay in delivery and accuse the supplier of this (t.e. manufacturer).

Disadvantages of the model of direct sales still exist, but if the company wants to position its product in the market and improve its reputation, then it will have to use direct sales.

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