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Secondary raw materials in construction

by chinanewsapp

About whether it is worth learning recycling, including one should not think – probably, without fail, one of the most necessary activities. The point is not that it becomes sad at the idea of ​​how much rubbish is lying around in the open spaces of mother, poisoning everything – water, atmosphere, base; mutilating views; posing a physiological threat. In addition, we must not forget that natural resources – they are all really depleted. And we squander almost all tons of alloy and other significant materials in vain, throwing away things that have served faithfully. Meanwhile, the introduction of recyclable materials is probably not only a serious and environmentally competent conclusion – it is a method to save a lot. In construction, heaps of garbage are made – and meanwhile, short-term access roads can be laid out with chipped unnecessary bricks; asphalt crumbs and re-crushed stone are unsurpassed for the construction of roads. The main thing is that all this will no longer pollute the place in which we live.

Including crumb rubber is an excellent material, and even crushed plastic bottles that are annoying to everyone are raw materials for strong advanced panels made of super-filled plastics. Various production slags are used in the production of concrete. Glass can be taken from ecosystems and successfully used for the benefit of people. Processing plastic waste not only saves energy and cleans up the environment, but also allows you to get amazingly cheap and strong building materials.

And such a strict option, like the collection of scrap alloy, reveals an indescribable scope: almost all expanding industries will only be happy to get rid of the massive remains of dilapidated capacities. Meanwhile, the processing of scrap iron will save both space and funds for new construction. Just think how many unnecessary systems are rusted and demolished, and yet they could serve as raw materials.

Another necessary and fundamental craft is the purchase of batteries. Similar high-tech products are very dangerous due to their composition, starting with the most poisonous lead, not to mention the acid used in them. Discarded batteries have every chance of being found by children, but these are completely harmful toys. As if recycling end-of-life batteries not only returns scarce lead to production, but also saves us all from threats.

An indescribably expensive resource gives another scrap of copper. Taking into account the tiny fraction of the extraction of this very significant alloy in our latitudes, and, consequently, its highest price when acquiring for industrial affairs, it is a sin to scatter it. Meanwhile, copper has long been practically scattered in front of your feet – cables, dishes, heat exchangers and household items … All this has the ability and must be applied again.

The use of a wide variety of secondary raw materials is the latest and most impressive ability to save resources!

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