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Harm of smoking during pregnancy

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Smoking has been proven to be harmful to our health. But, unfortunately, not all women give up this habit, being in a position. Expectant mothers believe that a low dose of tobacco will not harm the newborn, and with this conviction they continue to smoke throughout their pregnancy. However, after conducting numerous studies, it was found that even a few puffs a day can lead to irreversible consequences, both for the baby and for the pregnant woman.

There is an opinion that it is not recommended to quit smoking abruptly, as the body will be in a stressful state. But doctors refute this fact and assure that the very process of smoking brings great stress and harm to the child.

A woman should first of all think about the health of her child and understand that every cigarette smoked contains toxic substances that pass through the placenta to the fetus. The child does not receive full oxygen and this can lead to hypoxia. Nicotine constricts small blood vessels, and the concentration of tar causes mutations and the development of cancer. When smoking, these substances enter the lungs of a woman and are absorbed into the blood, as a result of which disturbances occur in the work of the heart, respiratory and vascular systems, and immunity decreases.

It is worth considering that smoking during pregnancy is especially dangerous than the woman herself believes. In the early stages, this bad habit can lead to spontaneous abortion, and in the third trimester it can cause premature birth. Even with the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth, it is impossible to be sure that the child will be fully healthy. There is a risk of the birth of a premature and weak baby, and in the future smoking can lead to developmental deviations.

At first glance, a newborn may be completely healthy, but do not reject the fact that nicotine disrupts the activity of the nervous system, which in turn negatively affects the psyche and internal organs of the child. Smoking also adversely affects the placenta: blood flow in the vessels is disturbed, the placenta is reduced in volume, and its structure is deteriorating.

If a woman finds out about the onset of pregnancy, it is necessary to quit smoking at the same time. You can seek help from a doctor and a psychologist who will help not only psychologically, but also offer various ways to quit smoking. Also invaluable is the support of close people and communities where women with the same habit participate. Expectant mothers are advised to devote more time to rest, walks in the fresh air, avoid stressful situations, include interesting activities in their lives.

No matter how difficult the transition to a healthy lifestyle, it is worth thinking about the health of the unborn baby. Thus, nothing will overshadow motherhood, and the child’s condition will be completely satisfactory.

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