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Requirements for the installation of windows

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Plastic windows are a well -known means of combating cold and lose heat. Each owner tries to save heat in the house, and according to statistics, it is from 40 to 50% heat that is lost through door and window openings. Control over the production of plastic windows is very tight. All stages of production, from the manufacture of double-glazed windows to the final assembly of windows, are controlled by quality control authorities. And then the windows pass into the hands of the selling firms, and later to the buyer. This is where control is lost. But the installation of plastic windows, no matter how well they are made, requires no less stringent control. That is why you should not trust the installation of plastic windows to amateurs.

The company that will install the windows must have all permits, certificates, licenses. Of course, it is best if the installation is carried out by the manufacturer, for example, the EuroOkna company, which not only manufactures, but also installs plastic windows in Ryazan, Voronezh, Moscow and in many other cities of Russia. But if you have not found such a company in your city, then your presence and control over the process of installing windows is an integral part of the process.

Installation requirements: First of all, it is worth remembering that the correct installation of a plastic window depends on the sealing of the external seams between the frame and the wall. It should be noted that the gap between the window frame and the wall must be left gaps of at least 2-3cm. The foam not only plays the role of a filling and fixing mass, but also acts as a shock absorber. In no case, it is not allowed to install the window on bars or any spacers. After all, if the window plays, then it will rest against the foam, and not against the bars. It is important that the inter-window fastening is not fixed very rigidly. It is also necessary to monitor the installation of the window in level, both vertically and horizontally. Check it yourself, look in the level window. It is necessary, together with the installation of the window, to install a window sill and a low tide from the outside. Do not delay the installation of castings, otherwise the water will fall into the foam and penetrate under the frame. Mounting foam always goes beyond the seams, after complete drying, its excess must be removed. It is worth knowing that it needs to be cut a little deeper than the window frame, so that the mortar with which you will subsequently seal the outer seams holds well and does not fall off. Painting or plastering of joints is necessary, otherwise the mounting foam will deteriorate from the weather. It is the sun that has a strong effect on the foam.

When concluding an agreement on the purchase and manufacture of a window, it is necessary to indicate whether the manufacturer will install windows. All terms and prices must be discussed in advance. Prices for installing windows can be from 10 to 20% of the total cost of the window. The price may be slightly more expensive when installing windows on the upper floors in high-rise buildings.

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