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TourBillion 24 Secondes (T24S) from the Swiss brand – the manufacturer of the Greubel Forsey watch – this is the embodiment of pedantry and inimitable luxury. The young watch company first announced itself in 2004 – OM, introducing at the exhibition in Basel the magnificent model Double Tourbillon 30 ° equipped with 30 ° turbia. The lot immediately received wide recognition of specialists, and the companions of Steven Forsey and Robert Grebel decided to develop success. And so, after 7 years, the long -awaited T24S premiere took place – perhaps the best thing from Greubel Forsey.

Installed in the lower part of the front panel of the turbiion, represents the main aesthetic and technical value of the model. This auxiliary mechanism allows the main driving construction of the TourBillion 24 Secondes to compensate for the effect of gravity and lose only 0.3 seconds per day. Rotating on special chassis around its axis, the turbine makes a turnover of 360 ° every 24 seconds, attracting curious eyes of the townsfolk 24 hours a day.

The entire structure consists of 88 – the smallest details and is made of an alloy of aircraft and optimized titanium. It’s hard to believe, but their weight is only 0.39 grams.

The elegant asymmetric case made of 18k white gold reaches diameter 43.5 x 15.76 mm, which allows this watch to sit perfectly on a male wrist. An additional transparent observation area in the side panel of the chronometer allows you to enjoy the work of a unique mechanism. The back of the clock is also transparent.

The upper panel covered with thin sapphire glass is equipped with classic dialing arrows for minutes, hours and seconds, an indicator of the 24th second cycle of the turbine and the indication scale of 72 – x hour -time stock.

TourBillion 24 Secondes belt is made of alligator leather with a gold insert 18k. The water resistance is 30 meters.

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