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Housing prices in Moscow are rising

by chinanewsapp

Recently in Moscow there has been a sharp decrease in construction volumes and, as a result, a decrease in the supply of new buildings. Especially the deficit affected economy class projects, although the indicators are 2.2 million. sq. meters, which is 22 % more than last year.Judging by this, the volume of housing construction remains at a crisis level. At the same time, the next 5 years is not planned to have a significant increase in the input of affordable housing in Moscow. In total, approximately 12.5 million are planned to be introduced in the capital. sq. meters of affordable housing in five years. There are fears that this can lead to an increase in housing prices, naturally within inflation.

Since 2010, experts marked a tendency to reduce demand. Analysts believe that the general result was not even affected by not even very frequent bursts of purchasing activity in relation to real estate in Moscow. According to experts, the demand index was reduced to 40.1 %. The main demand has moved outside the Moscow Ring Road, where the development of infrastructure towards the metropolitan level has significantly advanced.

In November 2011, more than 300 residential buildings in Moscow, apartments for sale were offered, of which only 57.9% were already commissioned, and 42.1% were still in non -residential condition. Experts note that in an unexpected surge of increased interest in certain real estate objects, the economic crisis in the United States of America, which by the end of summer, could very well lead to the country’s technical default, and which caused incredible tension in the country’s stock markets.

Due to a significant decline in the supply of offered housing market, the average exposition time in segments such as economy class and comfort class decreased. And the immediate prospects for commissioning new housing can hardly be called optimistic. Plus, at the moment, the sale of apartments ends even at the initial stage of the construction of new buildings or, when the house has only been erected by half. But the demand for housing for the business class, on the contrary, has increased.

Among the new buildings of Moscow, proposals for the sale of business class housing, are presented to a higher degree, somewhere around 51.3% among all new buildings that are given the opportunity to purchase an apartment. The share of elite housing in the primary market of the capital is about 19.9%, a comfort class 15.8% and an economy class 13%. Also in the primary market in Moscow, moderate increase in prices has been noted throughout the last year. The average price of supply in the market for affordable housing in the capital is now about 200 thousand rubles per square meter, and in the Moscow region about 65 thousand per square meter. meter.

The cost of real estate also largely depends on the quality of residential conditions. Today, before the sale of the apartment in it, a major overhaul is carried out, with facing operations, the doors of the input and a half are installed and windows are replaced.

According to reliable data, the change in prices amounted to +8.59% in rubles compared to November last year.

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