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Siberian cedar company talks about the purchase of seedlings of a Siberian cedar in Russia

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If you are looking for seedlings for your garden, then you should think about buying seedlings of a Siberian cedar or pínus sibírica. This beautiful evergreen tree is one of the types of pine. Having planted it on your site, you can enjoy its bright and beautiful color all year round. In addition, if you are looking for vegetation options for this kind, then it is the cedar that will become optimal in price, beauty and usefulness.

The company “Siberian cedar” itself specializes in the sale of plants with high survival – pine, spruce, cedar, larch. You can buy seedlings or seeds with delivery throughout Russia, as well as learn a lot of useful information from specialists, including asking for help in choosing suitable trees for your garden or site.

Siberian cedar seedlings can be bought in different sizes. Seedlings 15-20 cm are cheaper, and they are suitable for those who want to grow a tree almost from scratch. The company “Siberian cedar” also provides seedlings of other sizes, ranging from tiny 10-centimeter and ending with full-fledged trees 6-7 meters high. They can be bought cheaper if you buy seedlings in bulk.

General information on prices (valid for the current year).

The 6-7-meter powerful and good Siberian cedar from the cedar forests of Siberia costs about 140-150 thousand rubles apart, depending on the number. For 95-100 thousand rubles, you can buy a five-meter cedar. The standard cedar of five meters is suitable for different landscaping places in the city or on a suburban site. The cost of such a cedar is about 40 thousand. rubles. In addition to the size of the cedar, its origin is affected by its price. There are cedars of 2-3 meters for 20-25 thousand rubles, but there is for 10-14 thousand rubles. A one and a half meter cedar seedling can be purchased for 3500-6000 rubles. A seedling of 10 centimeters that you want to grow yourself can be bought for 70-150 rubles.

Why exactly cedar?

The Siberian cedar takes root well, and it is also useful for nature and man. A huge amount of useful products is obtained from the cedar and its nuts. Cedar attracts animals, forming a habitat for many living organisms. The cedar forest has a beneficial and sanitary-reflecting effect on the environment. It absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide and emits volatiles that purify the air, filling the space with high -quality fresh oxygen.

Cedar seedlings can buy not only a landscape designer who equips urban territory. This can be done by each of the owners of the areas where there is a place to plant these trees. You can buy an already grown cedar with a closed root system right on the Internet with delivery to the place of landing. You can ask your own HOA to plant a cedar in the courtyard of the house.

Growing a cedar, you leave a useful news for your descendants. Cedar grows for a long time – more than 500 years. So many more generations after you will enjoy your contribution to the surrounding clean air and landscaped territory.

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