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How to make a well for water with your own hands

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The water well is necessary at any cottage, in a country house or just in a private house in which a person lives. When a aquifer is lying, it will be better than 10 meters, it will be better to dig a well, and if much deeper, then drill a well. The water in it may not be drinking, but it can be used for watering the garden, construction work, for the needs of the household. But not even suitable water for drinking, if its properties and composition are not different from the norm, you can clean the system for cleaning.

Do -it -yourself water well is the best solution to the problem of water supply if the central water supply is not in the near future. The purpose of the well is the production of water for drinking. To drill a well, you can invite a specialist, or you can do everything yourself by reading this page of the site skvazhina-na-dache-svoimi-rukami, and if you need information on water supply, heating, sewerage, then you need to go to the portal Stroy- Aqua.

DIY water well is not so simple, you need to know some important points. First you need to dig a shurf two meters deep. Such a recess will be a square shape with a size of one and a half meters one and a half. The shurf is made in order to protect the well from loose soil, which can crumble when drilling. The walls of the pit are sheathed with boards or put a brick to prevent sowing. After completion of these preparations, they begin to drill directly. This requires a drilling tower, a drilling column. A drill tower is installed in the pit, to which the column is suspended for drilling operations. The column is placed above the place where the well will be.

The well for drilling a well has six rods, they can be lengthened using couplings to the required size. Drilling head is the main mechanism of the column. To make a drill tower yourself, you can use the logs of which are at least 150 mm. Install logs in the form of a tripod, the winch is installed between two such legs. The drilling column consists of drilling rods, which are connected in one design. The drill boat should be made of high strength, otherwise it will not boil and five meters. Drilling is completed when a layer of groundwater has already passed and the drill reaches hard soil. After that, prepare the educated well for use. The walls of the well are cleaned of the resulting dirt, crumbling soil. A special filter is placed at the bottom of the Shurf.

The last water pump is installed: mechanical or electric.  An electric pump provides a supply to the water system. If there is no centralized water supply on the summer cottage or water does not go as often as we would like, then it remains only to drill the well. The wells are more and more out of fashion every day and you can see them mainly in old areas. Do -it -yourself water well is a way out not to be without water.

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