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How to attract the attention of a man

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How to attract the attention of a man

So you are at a party. A lot of people. And among them – he, the man who conquered your heart. Ah, he is beautiful, interesting, witty … how to attract his attention? Pass by and as if inadvertently drop a glass. Very banal. Draw attention to yourself with a loud story. This is fraught with a bad assessment. Do not puzzle your head! The Women’s Paradise site invites you to use female traps that will allow you to be at the center of male attention, become a Magnete girl and make new acquaintances.

The first female trick “Body game”.

It is enough for you to know a few tricks that will make a man watch you and think only about you. Licking lips, throwing your hair back with your hand, winding the curl on your finger, light touches to the man you like. Even if you are not at all familiar, touch slightly, as if by accident to his shoulder or hand, touch creates contact and a certain connection between you. These simple sexual impulses act without fail.

Life story: Svetlana met Andrei in the club. She liked the guy standing at the bar’s rack, sipping a cocktail, but not at all paying any attention to her. Then she, passing by him to the ladies’ room, “drew” a zigzag on his back with her long nails. And she went on, turning around on the move and giving him a smile. What is the result? They are married for 7 years and happy together!

The second female trick “Game”.

Insolent and shameless look, right into the eyes of a man, you seem to be alarming and “getting through” from the inside, and it seems the heart flinches. With such a game with eyes, a woman seems to show her immediate interest and as if she challenges. Look in the man’s eyes, hold your eyes for a few seconds, then abruptly look away to the side. Repeat several times to make a man understand that this is not just an accident.

Third female praise “Praise”.

It has long been known that any person is pleased to feel significant, important, worthy. Do not think that only women love compliments, men are no exception. Want to attract his attention, learn to praise a man, caress him with words! But remember one rule: when making compliments to a pleasant man, lowering your voice and make it more intimate. Of course, it is necessary to demonstrate interest not in his appearance, but in what he does and is fond of life.

Using such simple female tricks, you need to remember the three main rules:

Semi -recognitions and hints act stronger than assertive actions and recognition in the forehead.

Stay a little impregnable when demonstrating a clear interest in a man.

Flirting, flirting and playing games, it is possible and necessary, only in a good mood. Radiate only positive, sparkle with joy and flirt.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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