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Comfortable clothes for health

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Stretched the tendons, the legs hurt, rested in the gym? Compression products that are on ORTOPEDICHECIE_IZDELIA in the assortment will help.

Regardless of life situations and even – states of health, every woman wants to be beautiful, walking easily and at ease, and not even walk, but flutter and glow with joy. But grief – large and small, are in every life. Here, it would seem, even a pregnancy that brings the joy of expectation of a miracle of the baby’s birth, is not cloudless. The back is aching, the stomach stretched, they visit the fears that after childbirth the figure will never become the same. In fact, to eliminate discomfort, take care of maintaining the fetus in the mother’s womb, prevent excessive stretching of the abdomen will help bandages – in the form of a belt, or supporting underpants.

Suddenly “visited” the pain in the back, as it most often happens when I had to raise the severity, or turned awkwardly? Ambulance will be very helpful for the ambulance, including you can choose from camel or merino wool. By the way, such a belt will be very useful for a gift to grandparents, you only need to specify the size (there is a special table on the site).

And, of course, prevention plays the first role, in particular, massage. However, professional massage is pretty worth, and not everyone can find free time on it in their schedule. There is an excellent way out-order massage devices-capes and pillows on Krasota-I-Zdoroviemassajry, and always have a nearby masseur near. It is very pleasant with their help to relieve tension from a tired back (especially during sedentary work or a long car ride), to warm overstressed muscles after hard physical labor or sports, and to feel the beneficial effect of a real massage. Moreover, you can choose both the speed of rotation of the rollers and the type of massage can be very easily – using the remote control. You can “order” a regular massage, vibration, Shiasu, with or without heating.

Types of massagers

There are two types of massagers with almost the same set of functions. The cloaks provide more “voluminous” and simultaneous massage, and suitable both for placement on a chair, a computer chair, and on the car chair. The only warning: you can’t either use during the control of the machine – you can relax and fall asleep. Can be used both at home and at work.

Many will want to purchase and massage pillows. In some cases, they are even preferable. For example, they can be literally applied to places that need massage (upper or lower spine, hip with crepatus, etc.D.). And even better to have both types of massagers: a “stationary” cloak, and a pillow that you can take with you on a business trip, on vacation or on a long trip.

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