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Pebble watch has become even smarter

by chinanewsapp

Last year 300 thousand were implemented. Pebble smart watches. This year, more “adult” model of smart watches was presented on CES 2014. PEBBLE STEEL, as the name implies, acquired a bracelet made of leather and stainless steel. The models of the old watches were equipped with rubber straps. Replacing bracelets gave smart hours a more solid look. If last year’s hours were like a fitness accessory, then the “Iteration” of 2014 looks like real classic watches. True, the device was hung up at 21 g – up to 59 g. You can take a loan in any city in Russia to buy these wonderful hours. The size of the LCD screen has not changed – 1.26 inch, the permission remains the same – 144 × 160. The edges around the dial have become already, so the clock looks more compact. Now the display is protected by Gorilla Glass 2, not a plastic coating. Smart hours from the Magsafe-connector are charged, only the old charger is not suitable, since not a 4-pin, but a 2-pin port is used. The developers did not start touching the gadget, leaving the same ARM Cortex M3 processor, backlight and accelerometer. The main differences between the new model: another antenna for Bluetooth, which doubled the amount of RAM (and means twice as many applications) and a three -color LED notifying the charging process. The number of PEBBLE STEEL applications has now exceeded a thousand. And eminent YELP, FOURSQRE, ESPN companies operate on the programs. Developers alone – 6 thousand. human. Pebble Steel output occurred with simultaneously updating both installed customers for smartphones – iOS and Android. It became easier to use applications: the necessary programs and dials are transferred to the clock without problems. The undoubted “plus” of smart hours was the increased time of work from one charging, now 5-7 days. PEBBLE STEEL is a wonderful watch that surpasses such gadgets of competitors. The only drawback is the cost, which is $ 100 larger than the first model and is $ 249.

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