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Marble monuments

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Marble monuments

Kelginsky deposit supplies unique and high -quality white marble, from which beautiful products of unsurpassed quality are produced. Among the huge number of products produced by the association of KOLAMRAMOR CJSC, marble monuments occupy a special place. These are real works of art that revealing the beauty and uniqueness of the stone. Marble is known all over the world – Japan, Europe, the USA and suitable for the climate of Russia, so marble products retain priority beauty for a long time.

Properties of white marble products

Marble tombstones made by contemporary artists and designers are admirable. You can order marble monuments in Chelyabinsk – these are beautiful products with an original texture that emphasize the naturalness of the stone. A wide choice of colors allows the production of monuments from white or gray-blue marble. The aesthetic properties of white marble “Koelgamramor” are similar to the Italian material “Bianca – Carrara” and allow you to create luxurious options. Marble monuments perform a decorative function and leave the memory of the departed for many years.

Advantages of marble monuments:

Resistance to negative natural factors – precipitation, wind, temperature changes.

Strength and durability.

Chemical resistance.

Wide range of models.

Due to its plasticity, the material allows artists to realize creative fantasies and create original products of unprecedented beauty. In the workshops, marble monuments in Chelyabinsk are covered with a protective layer to prevent yellowing from sunlight. Should properly care for marble products and regularly process them. Once a year it is necessary to clean marble monuments with a special tool, cover with wax impregnation and water -repellent solution to protect against natural influences.

Production of monuments

Before making a monument, several stages of work are carried out.

Stages of work:


Design development.

Making a layout.

Engraving, bas -relief of products.

Installation of the monument.

Types of monuments

The company offers marble monuments in Chelyabinsk of different sizes and designs. If desired, the client can order a product with image, artistic work, polishing, inscriptions. You can order single or double models, horizontal or vertical structures. A standard project or an individual order according to the client’s sketches is being carried out. In addition to machine engraving, the manual labor of artists is used, so the maximum resemblance to a photograph of the deceased is achieved.

Why do customers choose us?

Our company is a manufacturer, so products are sold at the optimal cost. The quality of the models corresponds to the price and satisfies customers. We offer not only monuments, but also a memorial complex at the request of the client. We deliver to anywhere in the country.

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