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Preparation of a land plot for development

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During the construction of any buildings, structures, soil processing is always carried out. It includes their development, movement, styling and compaction. Such a complex of construction work of the zero cycle is called excavation work.

Earthwork is also engineering work to create roads of any type, digging trenches and ditches, preparation of sites for arranging the foundations of structures and buildings, landscaping territories and planning the territory for development.

For almost all types of excavation, it is necessary to use expensive and high -quality equipment – excavators. A, t.to. Not all construction companies have such equipment in stock, now today a service such as renting an excavator that helps to save money and time is increasingly popular in the construction market, more and more popular.

The composition of earthworks includes the following types of arrangement of a land plot: excavation of foundation pits, foundations, vertical planning of the site, landscape design, geodetic survey.

The vertical layout ensures the drainage of water from the site, the slope of the surface, the conditions for traffic. These earthworks consist of backfilling or removing soil to change the terrain. These works are carried out only after their documentary coordination with representatives of the administration.

Minimal disturbance to the landscape is required to maintain the ecological balance of the site. This will save on the transportation of soil, digging pits, earthworks, landscaping.

When building on a land plot, it is necessary to obtain documents confirming the ownership of it, indicating the boundaries of this plot.

It is important to clarify in advance which underground communications can be located on such a site (communication lines, electric cables, underground pipelines) and where they are located. Only after this does the splitting begin.e. places of future buildings are determined.

When determining the places for future development, observe building codes: there cannot be a distance of less than 6 meters between houses, 3 meters between the house and the border of the land plot, toilets and outbuildings are located no closer than 7 meters from the house, the distance from the house to the road should be not less than 4.5 meters.

Before starting all construction work, ensure the possibility of connecting electricity (this will greatly facilitate the conduct of all construction work). In addition, you will need water (it is necessary for some types of construction work), a shed for storing tools, a toilet.

When marking out, determine in advance the place not only at home, but also of a possible children’s or sports ground, garden or vegetable garden, lawn, storage of building materials.

The quality of excavation will ensure further quality and compliance with the time of the rest of the construction on the land plot.

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