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Joint purchases in questions and answers

by chinanewsapp

Since about the beginning of 2000, joint purchases have become one of the most popular ways to purchase various goods. There are many exchanges and sites on the Internet on which you can find analogues of expensive brands or even branded things at a price, which is many times lower than retail.

This method of shopping is gaining more and more popularity, and, therefore, raises a large number of questions from newcomers. In the article you can find answers to some of them.

What is joint purchases?

SP – a way to purchase any goods at wholesale prices or with maximum discounts. It is known that the larger the wholesale batch of goods, the cheaper it costs, the less funds are spent on its delivery. There are many resources on the network (for example, a joint shopping club in Krasnoyarsk and t.P.), on which those who wish to purchase a product of a certain manufacturer voluntarily combine into groups and place a joint order.

Who is responsible for payment and delivery?

Any person can become the leader (org) of the group. To do this, he will need to contact manufacturers, find suitable sites or exchanges on the Web and gather a group of people who want to purchase goods on them. The organization is obliged to place a joint order, make payment, distribute the goods received. You can learn more about the intricacies of work on well-established sites, for example, 24 ok joint purchases in Krasnoyarsk or joint purchases in Zelenogorsk.

I want to make money on joint purchases. It is legal?

The organizer usually receives 3%-20% remuneration for mediation from each group member. If the promotion is held only once, then it is enough for the organizer to pay the corresponding income tax. If the joint venture is organized for permanent income, it is necessary to open an individual entrepreneur.

I will give the organizer my money. I will receive a receipt?

Since in most cases the prepayment for the goods is transferred by bank transfer, the Organizer does not issue a receipt. As a confirmation of payment, you can make a scan of the corresponding page if the money is transferred online.

Can you name the most trusted sites??

Each region has its own sites of joint purchases. You can check their reliability by reading reviews on the forums. Well-proven (judging by the reviews on the Web) joint purchases of the joint venture of the Russian Federation, Forum of joint purchases in Krasnoyarsk. However, the reliability of such resources should be checked independently.

What do I risk by joining the group?

As with a regular purchase in a store, the Customer may receive a defective product. It will be more difficult to return it: the joint venture does not require any receipts or checks. Usually, the organizer discusses issues related to marriage with the participants at the stage of collecting orders.Reassortment (an item of the same article but a different size or color) can be exchanged, but this will take time.

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