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Do-it-yourself interior decoration of the bath

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By tradition, an ordinary Russian bath is a small size room consisting of three sink rooms, a steam room and a dressing room. However, despite the apparent simplicity, with independent decoration of a home-made furnace for the bath, all the rules of steam and thermal insulation should be strictly observed. In order for the bath to not only heat up well, it holds heat for a long time, to ensure the most comfortable sensations when washing, it is necessary to carefully interior wall decoration.

Photo interior decoration of the bathhouse

When choosing materials for interior decoration, you must first remember their environmental friendliness and fitness with constant effects of moisture saturated, hot steam. At the same time, you need to know that a properly executed independent decoration inside the bath will cost a lot, but the health benefits and pleasure from the healing heat of the Russian bath will more than pay for these costs.

Do -it -yourself decoration inside with your own hands using wooden boards should be carried out only from the highest quality materials. Paul and walls can be sheathed with coniferous or deciduous boards, the main thing is that the content of the resin in them is as low as possible. Especially tarry boards are unacceptable when lining the ceiling, since when heated, the resin will drip not only on the floor of the bath, but also on washing people. In addition, severe evaporation comes from the heated resin, which can worsen well -being. Any wooden surfaces in the bath should be covered with exclusively extraordinary compounds made on a natural basis.

The finish of the steam room should be paid to separate attention. In order to create tightness, it is necessary to thermal insulation using mineral insulation, which then need to be covered with aluminum foil from the effects of hot steam. The edges of this foil are interconnected using a special adhesive tape. The film is not used in the steam room due to its deformation under the influence of high temperatures, which violates the tightness. Also, the steam room must have a closing ventilation hole. With special care it is necessary to approach the choice of material for the shelves. They should not have knots, they should be made of soft woods with low density, which does not get very hot. Aspen is considered the most economical option, abachi and linden are considered the most expensive. For lovers of coniferous aroma, next to the stove in the bath, you can attach boards made of cedar. The floor should have a slope towards the drain, it can be made of concrete and covered with tiles on top, on which wooden gratings are installed. Wooden boards familiar to the bath floor, unfortunately, quickly lose their original appearance from constant exposure to moisture, and may rot. In addition, cleaning tiles is much easier and more convenient.

Video on finishing inside the bath

Clapboard finish

Finishing the bath with wood

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