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7 examples of unity of music and fashion

by chinanewsapp

Music and fashion always handed over in hand, inspiring each other to create wonderful masterpieces. The invisible line crossing two creative directions was practically not felt over the years, allowing you to enjoy new trends and directions. Contractors B lawmakers of musical directions in different years set the tone of fashion, which is still successful.

one. Madonna’s brilliant tour in the 90s was remembered thanks to one unusual detail-a suit from Jean Paul Gaultier. It was thanks to him that the breathtaking symbiosis of music and fashion was born – cone -shaped bras who shocked the audience.

2. King of pop music-Michael Jackson also contributed to the stylish 80s. An unusual style – a leather jacket, trousers, white socks and black shoes – the world did not yet know that all this needed to thank Fred Astaire.

3. When Bitlomania invaded America, all strict costumes disappeared in the stores. It was this trend that brought with it such a stir that modern fashionistas Dima Bilan and Justin Bieber would not even dare to dream.

four. Passionate love for feathers on hats did not appear after reading the “three musketeers”, but after the concerts of David Bowie (David Bowie). Without his contribution to pop music, probably, Elton John and Lady Gaga would not have been.

5. Someone today is thinking about sewing a tunic-beautiful and original. But in the 60s there was not a tunic, but glamor, so three beauties in pink decorated a musical pedestal. Diana Ross (Diana Ross) and The Supremes adequately acted as the first secular lionesses.

6. Hip-hop in fashion would still be unknown if not for Kanye “The Louis Vuitton Don” West.

7. And finally, our years adequately represented by the eccentric Lady Gaga. A little creativity, madness as possible characterize our generation. And one of those who distinguished himself, creating masterpieces, should be mentioned: so, Alexander McQueen and his unusual shoes.

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