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Garden pond planning

by chinanewsapp

The best advice you can give to a potential pond owner is to research and plan your pond to the fullest.

Ideas and inspiration

It’s always worth visiting stately homes with water gardens. Although the features of many of these gardens are impressive and not everyone can afford to undertake some grand projects, they can still serve as a source of inspiration and will certainly further develop your passion for garden ponds.

Garden clubs and associations have many members interested in garden ponds. These like -minded people often organizes trips to places that you yourself will not be able to visit. Such communities can be easily found on the Internet or in local newspapers and magazines.

Most of friends and acquaintances who are engaged in reservoirs would be happy to share with you ideas and tips from their experience in building and maintaining the pond.

Photos on the Internet, books and magazines are another good source.

The greatest inspiration can be found in the mother nature. Observation of the location of growing plants around the picturesque pond, or the study of how the stones are located in the natural water cascade, will give you a good idea to embody these ideas in your own garden.

Perhaps it is worth sketching some sketches for your reservoir and consider its different features until you are satisfied with the finished plan.


The next planning step will be the selection of materials and equipment. There are many equipment for the pond and its filtering. If you use the wrong materials, then in the future it will be difficult and expensive to redo or repair the structure.

If you have decided on the final design of the pond, you can calculate the quantity and size of materials such as a pond film and stones. So in the future it will be possible to compare prices for various materials and work, approximately calculate the total cost of construction.

There are certain retail stores for the pond and garden centers that provide the necessary materials. These outlets usually have a wide selection of available equipment on their windows. Their employees should also be able to give advice and recommendations.


For many gardeners, the construction of the pond will seem an exciting business, for others it may seem a complex venture. There are many methods for which, perhaps, you will need to hire people, some will require specific practiced technologies.

As a rule, it is useful to try to write a step by step plan for building a pond and analyzing each assembly stage to determine which technologies should be used. Perhaps you need to contact a company specializing in landscape design, or study technologies yourself.

The construction of the pond can be difficult, taking a lot of time, but it should also become an exciting project, pleasant and useful experience.

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