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Monique lhuillier dresses, Summer collection.

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In the collections, Monique Lhuillier can rarely see trousers or shorts, and with one look at her dresses, not even long and without jewelry – the word “Oscar” immediately comes to mind.

And, of course, this is not an Oscar de la Renta – although we can safely say that on the west coast of America, Monica is popular in the same way as the legendary Dominican designer on the eastern. Speaking about his move from the Philippines to Los Angeles, Luiller recalls Helena Rubinstein’s phrase: “When I saw the makeup of Hollywood stars, I immediately realized where I will always have work.

Oddly enough, in the early nineties in Hollywood there were no designers at all who created clothes for the red carpet – stylists brought all the outfits from New York or Europe. So Monika appeared in the right place at the right time. Her clothes really liked the stars, and not only because she occupied an empty niche.

Monique lhuillier dresses are all out of exception, but jewelry, embroidery and feathers do not overload them at all. On the contrary, the talent of Monika manifests itself precisely that her clothes are always light – and always in motion.

Luiller operates all fashionable cliches, but so that the language will not turn to call them this word. The fringe in several tiers, which Dysaner often uses or feathers do not cause associations with outfits for Foxtrot from the twenties and rather resembles an adapted African suit, and prints with dragons cease to have anything in common with traditional Chinese drawings and become a luxurious evening pattern.

Monique knows how to sew in such a way that her dresses fit perfectly on absolutely any figure, although you can’t wear them in any situation. These are clothes for very special cases, for example, for the first date, weddings and, of course, Hollywood ceremonies.

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