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6G Internet to be launched in China for the first time

by marusia

The Chinese mobile operator China Unicom called the timing of the launch of the 6G network in the country.

Speaking at the China Development Forum (CDF) conference, Liu Lihong, the company’s executive director, said that China Unicom will begin early testing of 6G in 2025. The commercial launch of the technology is planned for 2030. According to Lihong, who was reported by SCMP journalists, the corporation’s engineers began developing a sixth-generation communication standard back in 2019.

According to the top manager of China Unicom, China is a leader in the use of 5G technology. Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology Jin Chuanglong said at the same conference that the smartphone market in the country is the largest in the world, which will contribute to the development of 6G.

Participants in the telecommunications industry in China noted that the development of the new standard could be hindered by tensions in relations with the United States. Due to US sanctions, Huawei and ZTE do not have access to some semiconductors that are used for the production of smartphones and other equipment.

In August 2022, Chinese scientists said that exposure to terahertz waves could cause an increase in the size of brain cells. Experts clarified that the impact of 6G should be further investigated in order to prevent potential danger.

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