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Proper child development

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Psychologists have long established and proven that habits are character predispositions that have become a necessity. Often, parents exaggerate the importance of unacceptable habits in a child – this is a short-lived phenomenon, and as soon as a certain period in the development of the child passes, most of the bad habits will gradually disappear.

Educational games and close emotional contact between the baby and his mother can prevent the formation of unwanted habits in a child. The most sure way of disgust from the habit is the active switching of the child’s attention to other things, while emphasis on a certain problem will only lead to its consolidation.

What habits should be formed in a child to protect his health?

It is necessary to give the child as much pure water as possible.

The formation of proper food behavior – at least, 23 plant products, 13 proteins and 13 carbohydrates are included in the diet.

To instill a love of walking walks, it is desirable, if the weather allows, barefoot.

Engage in exercises with a child for proper posture.

Stay in the air for at least two hours a day, sunbathe.

Hardening or contrast shower.

The less salt add to the child, the less he will use it, becoming an adult.

Consume as little sugar as possible.

Training not only muscle mass, but also brain structures – memorize poems and songs with your child as much as possible.

It is important to be out of the city more often so that the child can learn to love every creation, whether it be a butterfly or a flower. It will also help develop compassion.

It is important to get used to a certain sleep pattern – get up early and go to bed early, so as not to interfere with the production of hormones responsible for emotional health.

In addition to the above, it is important to form independence in the child – this must be done from the very first minutes of life. The sooner the child realizes that he can achieve everything on his own, the more actively he will use it in further practice.

In a healthy body healthy mind

It is necessary to enroll the child in the children’s medical center if he has any diseases. The main thing here is to pay attention not only to the breadth of the range of medical services, but also to the quality of their performance. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to give preference to the clinic in which experts work with a degree.

It is already difficult for an adult, formed personality to overcome what was laid down in childhood. To help your child move forward in life, achieving new goals, instead of wasting money on redoing the old, it is important to lay the foundations of a proper lifestyle in a timely manner. The younger the child, the easier and deeper good habits will take root. Childhood is the foundation, and it depends only on the parents what will be built on it.

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