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How do the Chinese feel about going to a restaurant

by marusia

Going to a restaurant in China is a common thing. Many do not cook at home and eat in cafes and restaurants three times a day.

This is unusual for us, because we treat going to a restaurant in a slightly special way. We can have lunch at most, and then in a cafe, not in a posh restaurant in the city center. The Chinese like to eat well. If in our country the indicator of prosperity is the appearance, car, apartment, country house, then the Chinese have a rich table and the opportunity to eat in restaurants. When the Chinese order food in a restaurant, they usually order for everyone, there is no such thing that everyone orders only for himself. Usually in restaurants, tables are round, with a rotating surface so that you can twist and easily get to the desired dishes. They usually order a lot, more than they can eat, and leaving, many dishes may remain barely touched – this is an indicator of prosperity. At us, especially at a party, it is generally not customary to leave something on a plate.

During business negotiations in China, it is also customary to go to a restaurant. The whole delegation goes to an expensive restaurant, with good service staff, in expensive cars and, very importantly, with beautiful girls. Negotiations take place at a rich table and with the participation of a large amount of alcohol. So be careful, in such negotiations there is a chance to agree to rash and undesirable conditions – this is a Chinese trick.

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